Training Practice

Telephone Calls

We record all telephone calls that are made to and from the surgery for internal training and quality monitoring purposes. These will be treated confidentially and are not released outside the surgery.

Video Recording

As part of our work as a practice, we are proud to be involved in the training of the doctors of the future. This may be GP registrars (fully qualified medical doctors who are undertaking a period of extra training in order to qualify as a GP) or medical students, from the University of East Anglia Medical School in Norwich or Cambridge University.

On occasion you may be asked if you will allow your consultation with a GP or one of our GP registrars to be ‘video-recorded’ for teaching purposes. Such a recording would normally be seen only by the registrar and one or more of the GP partners. Rarely we may also seek your permission for the registrar to submit the recording for external assessment for their competence.

Video recording will only ever be done with your explicit consent, and you may request that the recording be deleted afterwards if you do not wish it to be viewed in the way described. You do have the right to refuse. No examinations are filmed.

GP Registrar

We are fortunate in being a training practice which means we may also have GP registrar doctors with us who are planning to go into general practice. These appointments are usually for six months but can sometimes be up to a year. We benefit greatly from these doctors’ recent hospital experience, so please accept them as a part of our team. 

Medical Students

When visiting the practice, you may also meet fourth or fifth year medical students from the UEA or fifth or sixth year students from Cambridge University. They also accompany the doctor on their house calls. These students are going through a very important part of their medical training and your co-operation is extremely valuable and much appreciated. However, no intrusion on the privacy of the consultation will take place against the wishes of the patient. Remember all the partners at the practice were medical students themselves once and were very grateful themselves to see patients at that stage of their career.